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INTRODUCING: The Ultimate 'Conversion Enhancement' For Businesses & Agencies

  • Automatically generate new review stories from your customers from right inside your existing widget.
  • Enhance your video stories adding buy buttons, lead generation forms and other enhancement features.
  • Download stories to share on other channels such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.
  • Watch your traffic increase with to-the-minute analytics.
  • Acquire full GDPR compliance when you collect new reviews.
  • Get all future updates and upgrades as they’re pushed to MeetStorey. All inside of this Professional enhancement package today.
  • Enhanced Widget Customization
  • ​ Storey Que

ONLY Professional Users Get To Enjoy MeetStorey Enhancements Like These...


Automatically Generate New Customer Stories

Your MeetStorey plug-in gets an upgrade that turns on the ability for your customers to submit reviews.

Embed your MeetStorey plugin into your websites, thankyou pages or anywhere around the web with just a couple of clicks your customers can record then submit a story review.


Sky-Rocket Customer Stories With Automated 'Story Catcher' Emails

Generate a 'Story Catcher' link and include it within your after-purchase emails. When your customers open the email they'll be able to automatically record a story that you can then publish to your websites homepage, landing pages or sales pages.

Not only that! Share this link anywhere else. Messenger, email broadcasts, YouTube videos... you name it.


Generate Leads & Sales Inside Of Stories

Unlock two key elements that can now be added in-between your stories. Lead generation forms and buy buttons. You can now encourage someone while they're viewing your customers story to join your subscriber list or purchase the product they're learning about. All within your customer stories.


Add Eye Catching Backgrounds To Your Stories

Choose from a brand new wide-range of eye catching backgrounds.

These backgrounds can be added into your stories to instantly enhance them. Create more unique stories using customizable backgrounds.


Brand New Analytics Engine Tracks Your Results

Track your customer story results. You can now view an overview of your stories performance. This overview includes: The amount of times a story has been watched and how many opens a story has received. Use this data to locate your very best performing stories and to measure the effectiveness of your customer stories.


Download & share stories accross Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

You can download then upload your Storey's then distribute them as you'd like for yourself and your clients.

Generate traffic, build trust and sell your products.


Full GDPR Compliance

Your forms are upgraded to being fully GDPR compliant. Every lead you generate will be in-line with the latest GDPR laws. This is important for your business and your clients.


Enhanced Widget Customization

You can now use two additional styles when embedding your widget onto a salespage. You can now embed either a sticky box or a slide-out storey.


Storey Queue

Every Storey that a visitor or customer submits gets automatically added to a que. You can then review and publish the stories that you choose to.

Upgrade Your Clients

When you access a PRO account today we upgrade your account. Every feature inside of PRO is also upgraded to Commercial Rights. So when you use these 'Professional' features with your clients they benefit too.

And you can offer a better service to your clients as well as charge more for your services.

This Is The ULTIMATE Upgrade
For MeetStorey

With this new upgrade you're not only getting a leg up on your competition. You're going to be able to save time by generating a fresh stream of new customer stories.

  • You'll be able to increase the amount of stories you show on your website increasing conversions.
  • You'll be able to capture leads as well as generate sales from directly within your Storey widget.
  • You'll also be able to get a wide range of customization features as well as full GDPR compliance when you get access to this package today.

What are you waiting for?

Level up your MeetStorey software and increase conversions for you and your clients. Go down below right now and click 'Get Access'. Secure your one time discounted price on this software today.

Quick recap on everything you get when you upgrade to MeetStorey Professional right on this page!

When you get access to MeetStorey Professional features today you're getting access to 8 incredible features:


Collect 'Customer' Stories Automatically

Invite your customers to submit reviews within your website or inside of emails. Collect customer stories automatically.


Forms & Buy Now Buttons

Sell more products, and build your email lists within your Storey widget.


Customized Overlays & Eye Catching Backgrounds

Choose from a wide range of new design customization elements. Add new overlays & eye catching backgrounds into your stories.


Full Analytics Tracking System

Track your traffic, Opt-ins and more… Receive access to a complete analytics dashboard inside of the MeetStorey software.


Download & Share Stories

Download stories that you create or customers submit. Share stories on Facebook, Instagram, Advertising or YouTube. Generate more traffic back to your website.


Full GDPR Compliance

Every story a customer submits requires GDPR compliance. We've added this in automatically into this upgrade for you.


Enhanced Widget Customization

You can now use two additional styles when embedding your widget onto a salespage. You can now embed either a sticky box or a slide-out storey.


Storey Queue

Every Storey that a visitor or customer submits gets automatically added to a que. You can then review and publish the stories that you choose and reject any negative reviews


Future Updates & Upgrades

As we continue to build and add to this software you’ll receive all future updates and upgrades that relate to this pro upgrade.


Use With Clients

You can use any and all of these features with your clients. Improve their campaigns, enhance their stories and even automate how they collect customer stories.

Your unfair advantage...

Now 100% RISK-FREE for 14 days

We know these features & enhancements are going to help you to dramatically increase conversions on your Opt-in pages as well as your sales pages.

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Is there a refund guarantee?

Yes! There is a 14 day refund guarantee available when you purchase this upgrade. If this doesn't immediately help you to increase conversions on your Opt-in pages and salespages. Simply give us an email before 14 days and we will provide you with a full refund.

How do I get support for these features?

We have a dedicated support desk for our MeetStorey customers. Simply open a support ticket if you experience any problems. A support link is provided inside the software dashboard.

How long will this offer be available for?

This offer is available for a limited time. Once this launch closes down this offer will become unavailable.

Does this include commercial rights?

Yes! You can use every one of these features with your clients. It's one of the benefits in securing access within this founder launch. Commercial Rights is included.

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